Helping small businesses and their communities work together

Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA)


The Small Business Digital Alliance brings together major players, influencers, and companies in tech, e-commerce, benefits, and other industries to help connect small businesses with digital tools, trainings, and expanded opportunities, and grow their digital networks to reach new customers – free of charge. The SBDA launched in February 2022, thanks to its founding members, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and Business Forward, Inc., a non-profit organization working with small business leaders in support of policies promoting America’s economic competitiveness.


Business Forward

Business Forward is a non-profit organization working with 250,000 local business leaders from across America who support innovative and market-based solutions to our country’s biggest challenges. With the help of Business Forward, business leaders have briefed more than 650 mayors, governors, members of Congress, and senior Administration officials on how to create jobs and accelerate our economy.

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