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Amazon Small Business Academy

Digital Presence, Manage Growth

Amazon Small Business Academy is a one-stop digital resource center for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. Whether you’re curious about starting your own business or looking to expand, we’re here to help. Strengthen your skills with our podcast, webinars, live Q&As, workshops, events, and more—all at no cost to you. VIEW TOOL Learn more from Amazon

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Verizon Small Business Series

COVID, Digital Presence

Small businesses need a range of support as they adapt to an increasingly digital economy, often including basic digital literacy, understanding of digital tools, and resources to help them implement practices related to digital marketing, online presence, operational efficiencies, online financing, etc. Programming includes: The Importance of Small Businesses to the Economy and Society with…

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Small and Microbusiness Roundtable Whitepaper


Nine participants, including founders and executives in charge of operations at small businesses, most with under $1 million in revenue, gathered for an interactive discussion at GS1 Connect ®, the annual conference hosted by GS1 US ®. They came from a variety of age groups and backgrounds and had varying degrees of experience in the…

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COVID, Digital Presence, Operations

Formerly the Shifting Grounds Podcast, this episode of the PeopleForce Podcast features Michael Mendenhall, TriNet SVP/CMO/CCO, as he chats with Charley Humbard, Founder and CEO of UP Entertainment. Charley discusses how he built an entertainment company that positively impacts people's lives, the role culture plays, his company’s pandemic shift and what it means to be…

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COVID, Find And Retain Talent, Manage Growth, Operations

This quick-hit micro-podcast provides top-of-mind commentary from TriNet experts. In the inaugural episode, Samantha Wellington, TriNet’s EVP, Business Affairs, CLO and Secretary, discusses how SMB leaders can stay engaged with employees following unprecedented workplace changes over the last three years.  VIEW TOOL Learn more from TriNet

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Designing Leadership
Arts + Business Council for Greater Philadelphia

Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Manage Growth, Operations

Designing Leadership is a professional development program that focuses on developing managers and leaders through individual growth and reflection. Each year the program investigates a theme and provides tools, strategies and resources to enhance the participants’ skillset to navigate their careers. With dozens of participants each season, the program provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect…

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