January 29th, 2023

Today, the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA) celebrates Minority Entrepreneur Day by recognizing the contributions and potential of minority-owned businesses to our economy. The SBDA, a co-sponsorship between the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and Business Forward, Inc., provides a comprehensive suite of free resources to help small businesses connect with digital tools, virtual trainings, and expanded opportunities to grow their digital networks to reach new customers.

“Minority-owned small businesses are the backbone of our country, revitalizing regional and local economies. In the last ten years, they represented 50 percent of new businesses. And minority-owned firms are more likely to export,” says Business Forward Executive Director Liz Fairchild. “When they succeed, local, state, and national economies reap the rewards. Together, Asian, Hispanic, Black or African-American, and Native and Pacific Islander-owned businesses contributed more than $1.5 trillion to local and state economies in 2021. By going digital, minority-owned businesses can grow an international customer base, prevent cybersecurity attacks, and strengthen their operations.” 

Studies show that digitally advanced small businesses experience significantly better outcomes; small businesses online earn two times more revenue per employee, show nearly four times revenue growth from the previous year, and gain more than six times employment growth rates. Despite the benefits of digitization, 74 percent of small businesses aren’t taking advantage of digital tools.

“On this Minority Entrepreneur Day, TriNet honors the passion of our nation’s minority-owned small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) and their incredible contributions to our economy. For these dedicated and hard-working entrepreneurs, access to capital, government grants and programs can often be a major challenge,” says Samantha Wellington, TriNet’s Executive Vice President of Business Affairs and Chief Legal Officer. “TriNet’s mission is to power the success of small and medium-size businesses by supporting their growth and enabling their people. Digital tools and resources on TriNet’s Historically Underrepresented Businesses web page help connect SMBs with information about government programs, critical conversations about access to capital, and the ability to use the Clarus R + D tax credit calculator to learn about the credit and how it can help them grow their business, and more. We are proud to support and enable the growth of minority-owned, and all, SMBs.”

To learn more about TriNet and other National Members’ 275+ free digital resources designed to lower the barriers to entry to entrepreneurship for all aspiring small business owners, especially those from historically underserved and disadvantaged communities, visit the SBDA’s Digital Tool Library:

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The Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA) is a joint co-sponsorship agreement between the SBA and Business Forward, Inc. that brings together major players, influencers, and companies in the tech, e-commerce, benefits, and other industries to help small businesses connect with digital tools and reach new customers through expanded opportunities through trainings, tools, and expansion of their digital networks – free of charge. To learn more, visit


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