Introducing Verizon Small Business Digital Ready – a FREE customized learning program designed to give small businesses like yours more tools to succeed in today’s digital world.
Verizon Small Business Series

COVID, Digital Presence

Small businesses need a range of support as they adapt to an increasingly digital economy, often including basic digital literacy, understanding of digital tools, and resources to help them implement practices related to digital marketing, online presence, operational efficiencies, online financing, etc. Programming includes: The Importance of Small Businesses to the Economy and Society with…

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Creating a User-Friendly Digital Experience

Attract New Customers, Digital Presence

We’ve all had a disappointing online experience. Whether it’s a website that’s difficult to navigate or a webpage with links that don’t work, such encounters can be deeply frustrating to users, who will often abandon a challenging website and look elsewhere. In this course, we will explore how creating a positive user experience, or UX,…

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Making Your Business More Accessible

Attract New Customers, Diversity Equity and Inclusion

A business that prioritizes inclusivity sends a powerful, welcoming message that can reach new audiences and inspire loyalty. Since 1 in 4 Americans has a disability, being inclusive involves improving accessibility to ensure that your business can accommodate people with disabilities. Not only does it make sense to consider this significant portion of the population…

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Inside Verizon Small Business Digital Ready, you’ll find digital tools including…


Short, information-packed lessons presented by small business owners like you to give you strategies you can use right away across digital marketing, operational efficiency, and accessing capital.



Hands on working sessions with experts to help you build financial projections, create social media templates, optimize your website, develop a competitive analysis and more.



Get guidance from business experts across legal, marketing, business planning and more. They will help you to apply what you know and what you’re learning to execute your plan of action.



Connect with other small businesses and build your network! Share advice, industry information or connect on future business opportunities—it’s up to you.