March 6th, 2023

WASHINGTON Today, the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA) celebrates Women’s History Month by recognizing the contributions of women-owned businesses to our economy. The SBDA, a co-sponsorship between the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and Business Forward, Inc., provides a comprehensive suite of free resources to help small businesses connect with digital tools, virtual trainings, and expanded opportunities to grow their digital networks to reach new customers.

“This month, we’re celebrating the economic contributions of women business owners,” said Liz Fairchild, Executive Director of Business Forward. “Women started half of all new businesses in the US in 2021 and turned crisis into opportunity during the pandemic by increasing their use of digital technology. Women-owned businesses generated nearly two trillion dollars in 2022 and account for 80 percent of businesses in the US today. In the past three years, women business owners increased their revenue by 34 percent, on average – a 23 percent higher growth rate than their male peers. It’s clear women are fueling America’s small business economy.”

The Small Business Digital Alliance’s 300+ trainings and tools include resources on e-commerce visibility, small business certification, and marketing – key opportunities for women business owners’ success.

What They’re Saying:

Olivia Ainza-Kramer, President, Nogales-Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce: “Thanks to the substantial growth of women-owned businesses in the last two decades, more and more female entrepreneurs are bringing essential economic activity across the country with unique and essential businesses that target new areas of opportunity while offering creative products and services that become highly valued. Female entrepreneurs bring unique perspectives and skill sets that allow our small business communities to continuously grow while being a prime example for other women to pursue new business ventures.”

Andrea Cid, CEO, Miami Growth Machine: “Miami Growth Machine is a community of consumer packaged good startups, focused on manufacturing. We provide formulation, supply chain management, and small or large batch production. Currently, 92% of our clients are historically underrepresented startup founders. Over 80% are women. We see women starting businesses focused on sustainability, community, and purpose as well as profits. Many have worked in the beauty industry for years, others were furloughed from corporate jobs during the pandemic and were driven to create their own path. I’m continuously inspired and energized by their resilience and creativity.”

Isabelle Dumont, SVP, Cowbell: “Diversity in small business ownership strengthens the critical role that small businesses play in the U.S. economy, We live and breathe the need for diversity at Cowbell with over 40% of our workforce being female and we applaud the efforts by the SBA and SBDA to support diversity and empower women to succeed.”

Amy Friedrich, President of U.S. Insurance Solutions, Principal Financial ®: “Principal is committed to putting financial security within reach of more people and has a proven history of working with, and understanding the needs of, small and midsized businesses. The work we’re doing with the SBDA is an extension of our efforts to put resources in the hands of female entrepreneurs to support a more inclusive and equitable economy.”

Shanaz Hemmati, COO & Co-Founder, ZenBusiness: “Supporting women entrepreneurs is critical for small business growth, promoting diversity and innovation. At ZenBusiness, we empower women entrepreneurs through affordable business formation services, educational resources, and community support. We strive to make women seen, heard, and considered and encourage all companies to do the same.” 

Samantha Wellington, Executive Vice President, Business Affairs, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, TriNet: “TriNet celebrates the many contributions of women business owners to society and our nation’s economy. Women business owners play a vital part in fueling the future and serving as role models for the next generation. TriNet is proud to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace that drives support for women-owned businesses and provides access to resources and tools to help as they grow their business.”

To learn more about National Members’ 300+ free digital resources designed to lower the barriers to entry to entrepreneurship for all aspiring small business owners, visit the SBDA’s Digital Tool Library: https://www.smallbusinessdigitalalliance.com/digital-tool-library




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