July 31st, 2023

WASHINGTON – Today, the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA) celebrates its partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) during its 70-year anniversary. The SBDA and its private-sector members are proud to be a part of the SBA’s mission to further the American dream of small business ownership and entrepreneurship. By accessing SBDA’s free tools and trainings, small businesses can better optimize their back office operations, capitalize on emerging trends and markets, stand out among competitors, reach global talent, and create long-lasting customer relationships.

“The Small Business Administration takes pride in its 70 years of work supporting the millions of small businesses and innovative startups that are the backbone of the American economy,” said Administrator Guzman. “We value the role the Small Business Digital Alliance plays in helping us support entrepreneurs prepare for the future. By equipping them with the tools to innovate and compete in an increasingly digital world, we can help even more American small businesses continue to grow our economy for years to come.”  

“Thanks to the support of our National Members, the Alliance provides hundreds of free resources and programs to small businesses across America as they grow online. Their corporate expertise, paired with community organizations’ networks and on-the-ground experience, are a shining example of how the Alliance and the SBA support a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem via increased access to resources,” says Liz Fairchild, Executive Director of Business Forward. 

See what SBDA National Members and Allies Are Saying:

Jack Kudale, Founder & CEO, Cowbell: “Cowbell is thrilled to celebrate the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 70-year anniversary, and deeply appreciate all the incredible value small business owners bring to their respective communities and the economy. Four out of five small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not have financial protection from evolving cyber threats. Through the SBDA, we have contributed to closing that gap by providing resources and training to help SMEs improve their cyber resiliency despite an environment of complex and evolving cyber threats.”

Lisa Gevelber, Founder, Grow with Google: “Google is proud to celebrate the U.S. Small Business Administration’s legacy and 70th anniversary. We believe that technology will continue to help small businesses across the country reach new customers, grow their visibility, and unlock new sources of revenue. As a founding supporter of the Small Business Digital Alliance, we’re committed to helping small businesses access free digital tools to thrive and reach their full economic potential.”

Samantha Wellington, Executive Vice President Business Affairs and Chief Legal Officer, TriNet: “Happy 70th anniversary to the SBA—through seven decades of growth and progress this outstanding agency dedicated to small businesses across the nation has been a leading advocate in leveling the playing field for so many entrepreneurs with dreams of making the world a better place. We are proud to walk alongside both the SBA and SBDA and share their passion to champion small businesses while also providing them with access to a broad range of tools, resources and support to navigate the complexities associated with running a successful business.” 

Shanaz Hemmati, Founder & COO, ZenBusiness: “ZenBusiness congratulates the SBA on 70 years of unleashing entrepreneurship in America. As a member of the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA), ZenBusiness is honored to provide America’s entrepreneurs with all the digital tools they need to start and run their own dream business. This partnership will continue to make a difference in the lives of so many Americans.”

Natalie Poindexter, Founder and Principal Consultant, Authentic Inclusion: “At Authentic Inclusion, we are proud to be a part of the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA). Through the SBDA, we provide access to free grant writing digital tools for small businesses who are innovative, overwhelmed, and expanding to increase their impact around the world. We have proudly supported over 50 small businesses this year to gain a confidence and understanding in the grant writing process, and the numbers continue to grow as do the resources because of the SBDA. The SBDA is a valuable partner in our process of building access and equity for entrepreneurs and small businesses as they launch or grow their impact on communities and people."

Nikunj Sanghvi, VP, Alliances & Business Development, Caspio: “At Caspio, we are proud to be a part of the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA). Through the SBDA, we provide free digital tools such as our free Caspio plan as well as other affordable options for small businesses looking to build custom cloud applications. Since our inception in 2000, we’re proud to have helped thousands of small businesses deploy their applications quickly, affordably, and more securely. The SBDA is a valuable partner for the next generation of entrepreneurs looking to discover and benefit from tools such as Caspio.”

Rochelle Clarke, Founder, Continuity Strength: “We at Continuity Strength are honored to be part of the Small Business Digital Alliance and thrilled to celebrate their partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration on this momentous occasion of the SBA’s 70-year anniversary. Through this collaboration, we share a common vision of empowering small businesses and fostering the American dream of entrepreneurship. By providing online business continuity plans, we strive to equip small businesses with the tools to overcome unexpected disruptions, such as cyberattacks and severe weather, ensuring they can not only survive but also flourish. It is with great pride and dedication that we contribute to SBDA’s mission, working hand in hand with fellow members to amplify our collective efforts in supporting small business resilience. Together, we look forward to a future of growth and success for all small businesses across the nation.”

Adebukola Ajao, Founder, For All Things Digital: For All Things Digital has been transformed since we’ve joined the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA). The SBDA gave access to many pivotal resources and free resources to our 5,000 members.”

Tammi Wallace, Co-Founder, President, & CEO, Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce: “We take immense pride in our partnership with the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA). As part of this collaboration, through offering SBDA resources, we are able to provide our member small businesses with an array of free digital tools that support their growth, whether they are in the early stages or expanding their operations. This invaluable collaboration presents an extraordinary opportunity to help contribute to the growth, success, and prosperity of small businesses in our region.” 

Michelle Covey, Vice President, Commercialization, GS1 US: “GS1 US is proud to be a local ally of the SBA’s Small Business Digital Alliance. For more than 50 years, our organization has helped retail small businesses gain entry into the global supply chain by being a main source for UPC barcodes. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with SBDA by making GS1 US resources available in the digital library and by supporting their virtual events. Together we can help entrepreneurs start their e-commerce journey the right way and evolve their businesses to suit the digital marketplace.” 

Elemi Atigolo, Co-Founder of INATIGO & Adaine: “At INATIGO, we are proud to be a part of the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA). Through the SBDA, we provide Adaine – The world’s first all-in-one generative AI business platform and copilot for small businesses looking to launch, run, fund, and grow their business. We’re proud to have helped hundreds of small businesses with our cutting-edge AI platform and solution since February 2023. The SBDA is a valuable partner in finding and training the next generation of entrepreneurs as they start their journey and make that first hire.”

Fabi Hubschmid, Co-Founder and Chief Strategic Development Officer, Markaaz: We are thrilled to join the Small Business Digital Alliance and contribute to the advancement of small businesses. At Markaaz, we are establishing the new standard for small and medium-sized business data to unlock opportunities for all small businesses. Through our collaboration with the SBDA, we are confident that we can make a substantial impact in driving growth and creating thriving business ecosystems.

Jimmy Newson, Founder/CEO, Moving Forward Small Business: “Moving Forward Small Business takes great pride in being affiliated with the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA). As an active member, we are delighted to offer 20+ complimentary digital tools that cater to small businesses seeking to experience stable local and international expansion. It’s an honor to have aided hundreds of small businesses all over the United States in establishing a strong foundation for their business by helping them identify and formulate concrete strategic growth plans. With SBDA, we serve as an invaluable partner in supporting aspiring entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams of attaining successful business ownership.”

John F. Robinson, President & CEO, The National Minority Business Council, Inc.: “At the National Minority Business Council, Inc, we are proud to be a part of the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA). Through the SBDA, we provide our members with free digital tools for small businesses looking to expand their employee base to anywhere in the USA. We’re proud to have helped more than 1000 plus small businesses recruit and retain talent since 1972. The SBDA is a valuable partner in finding and training the next generation of entrepreneurs as they start their journey and make that first hire.”

Olivia Ainza-Kramer, President, Nogales-Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce: “The Small Business Administration has been a trusted ally for small business owners for decades, providing a lifeline of critical resources and support. From access to capital and expert guidance to educational programs and mentorship opportunities, the SBA has played an instrumental role in empowering entrepreneurs and driving economic growth. As we celebrate their longstanding commitment, we recognize the profound impact the SBA has had in fueling the dreams and aspirations of small business owners across the nation.”

Miguel Guerrero, Founder/CEO, Otis AI: “At Otis AI, we are proud to be part of the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA). Through the SBDA, we empower small businesses by providing them with the strategies and resources they need to reach their ideal customers online. With Otis, they can finally supercharge their marketing, eliminate barriers to growth, and compete effectively no matter the size of the company, their ad budget, or the power of their competitors. Together with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), we celebrate their 70-year anniversary and advance the American dream of small business ownership. The SBDA is a valuable partner in our vision of leveling the playing field and shaping a brighter future for small business owners and entrepreneurs."

Brad Garsten, Co-Founder, PrivacyCare: “PrivacyCare is honored to be a part of the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA). Through the SBDA, we provide free digital tools to help small businesses navigate consumer data privacy laws and we have formed a strong alliance with Jimmy Newson of Moving Forward Small Business. Our joint activities will help the small business community with focused webinars to navigate the evolving consumer privacy landscape and business growth. The SBDA network made this national partnership possible to provide the assets entrepreneurs need to be successful.”

Fay Breedlove, Founder & Creative Director, TERMINAL B: "As the owner of a small business, we are so incredibly humbled to be part of the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA). Through the SBDA, we are able to connect with other small businesses and share our insights to help companies scale while leveraging tools and resources available to them through SBDA. Moreover, as a small business, we take advantage of the same digital tools, information and training and other incredible opportunities available to us free of charge. The SBDA is an incredible partner as we scale while serving as an invaluable bridge that connects businesses across different industries."

Tameka Ramsey, Owner & Principal Associate, T.Ramsey & Associates: “At T. Ramsey & Associates, we take immense pride in our affiliation with the Small Business Digital Alliance (SBDA). Within this dynamic alliance, we wholeheartedly offer complimentary digital resources to empower small businesses aiming to grow their workforce globally. As a crucial collaborator, SBDA plays a pivotal role in identifying and nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs, guiding them on their transformative journey, and facilitating their inaugural hiring ventures."

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